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Staying Informed

Australian Government WhatsApp for Mobile Information

COVID19 - Current Situation and Case Numbers - Australian Government, Department of Health Website

Australian Government Coronavirus (Covid-19)

ABC News Coronavirus Stream

Norfolk Island (follows NSW Laws)

Government Resource - Norfolk Island


FoodBank Australia - Food Assistance Resources by State.


Norfolk Island Health

Christmas Island Health

IHMS International Health & Medical Services

Mental Health


Managing Stress and Anxiety during Covid19

Stress & Anxiety - Covid-19

Self-care during Covid19

Self Care Cover-19

Self-care for GPs during Covid19 -

GP Self Care - Covid-19



Federal Education Department

Norfolk Island Schools

Christmas Island Education

Cocos Islands Education


Income Relief


Covid-19 financial assistance resource -Australian Financial Assistance

If you need a payment - Covid19 - Youth allowance, Jobseeker, Parent



Refer to your State or Territory

Who's hiring?

Volunteering - Workaway

Disability Benefits/Paid Sick Leave

Unemployment Benefits


Tax Assistance

ATO Covid-19

Small Business Assistance

Covid-19: Information for Small Business News

Elderly (65+)

Norfolk Island Aged Care

Safety for Survivors of Violence

Norfolk Island AVO Form

Other Resources

Australian Health

Donate Your Items or Money

Treatment Development

Save The Children

Medical Research Institute

Volunteer Opportunities/How to Help

Policy Position Papers -

Volunteering Australia

Seek Volunteer resources -

Volunteer Resources