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Staying Informed

COVID19 - Current Situation and Case Numbers - Australian Government, Department of Health Website

Tasmania Resources - General

Tasmanian Government Facebook Page - Stay Healthy Stay Connected
Tasmania DHHS - Department of Health


Advice for food businesses - Public Health - Food Industry
What is causing food shortages - Distribution, not production.

Southern Tasmania

Food Bank

Northern Tasmania


Advice for health and aged care sector - Health & Aged Care Sector
Health Alert Covid 19 - Australia Cover-19 News

Mental Health

Covid 19 - Comprehensive mental health resources and links -
Life Line


Self-care during Covid19 - Self Care Cover-19
Self-care for GPs during Covid19 - GP Self Care - Covid-19



Tasmania Business

Income Relief

Covid-19 financial assistance resource -Australian Financial Assistance
If you need a payment - Covid19 - Youth allowance, Jobseeker, Parent


Renting and Coronavirus - What you need to know -

Who's hiring?

List of companies hiring in Australia. Link leads to source articles.

Disability Benefits/Paid Sick Leave

Unemployment Benefits

Tax Assistance

Small Business Assistance

Elderly (65+)


Safety for Survivors of Violence

Other Resources

Volunteer Opportunities/How to Help

Policy Position Papers - Volunteering Australia
Seek Volunteer resources - Volunteer Resources
Council of the Ageing, Tasmania - Get Involved with COTA