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Humanity Welfare Council of India

Works on all the below mentioned columns and you can find, every independent project on a common website platform-


Project UPHAAR -

For volunteering as a food server -

Akshaya Patra food donation -

Adolescent health and nutrition -

Annakshetra -


Specialized Health Resources for Communities

University of Urban Indian Health

App Arogya Sethu - to stay informed about Covid19

Ministry of health and family welfare - for updates on covid19

Mental Health

For children :

For elderly

For Migrants

Helpline for behavioural and psychosocial needs: 08046110007


Here are the list of few blogs addressing the necessity for self care


Organizations helping with childcare and children rights in India

Child rights and you

Save the children India

A NGO for women and Child Care -


Best online education sources for children -

Top ten online learning platforms India


Income Relief

State Bank of India - EMIs can be stopped for the month of lockdown


For homeless people -

Who's hiring?

Multiple companies have different positions vacant on these sites

For contract based government jobs -

Work with humanity welfare council -

Disability Benefits/Paid Sick Leave

Unemployment Benefits

Tax Assistance

Small Business Assistance

Investing in business

To start a startup

For startups facing issues from ongoing corona pandemic,

Elderly (65+)

suspects of covid19 can reach out Robinhood army in India on this link

Elderly can reach out helpage India for help

Manavlok is another such NGO-

For food, elders can reach out robinhood army on the link

Safety for Survivors of Violence

Call 100

As a subject of domestic abuse, how to survive quarantine- article

An article from UN women Organization - Prime minister’s relief fund

Sharing links to a few fundraising campaigns to try and address this:

  1. Here's Give India's campaign to support daily wagers' families hit by COVID-19

  2. Bengaluru organization, Hasiru Dala which does wonderful work in helping waste pickers is running a campaign to help waste pickers in Bengaluru whose livelihoods are similarly affected.

  3. Zomato is running a campaign again to help daily wagers. Link below: (HT Anisha Sharma who's also crowdsourcing a list on her FB wall).

  4. A campaign is also being run on Our Democracy to support Delhi Youth Welfare Association and people in the Old Delhi area

  5. Ketto has a page dedicated to a bunch of fundraisers for COVID-19 related needs (including some in the list above and many more)

  6. Kanaga, a collective in Chennai, is collecting money to help trans persons in the city with basic provisions during the period of the lockdown. The campaign is on milaap:

Volunteer Opportunities/How to Help

  1. - To serve as a volunteer through the government of India.

  2. only for doctors to attend telemedicine clinic

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