New Zealand
Actionable resources for people affected by Coronavirus in New Zealand
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Staying Informed


Restaurant Association of NZ - Information Page


Specialised Health Resources for Communities

Mental Health





Income Relief


Kiwi Health Jobs - Covid19 - Expression of Interest

Disability Benefits/Paid Sick Leave

Unemployment Benefits

Income Support Resources - Lost a Job

Tax Assistance

Small Business Assistance

Small Business - Guidance for Employers
Business Finance Guarantee Scheme - For businesses affected by Covid19
Business Owners and Managers - Covid19 Support Group - FB Page

Elderly (65+)

Kids Lockdown Activities

Safety for Survivors of Violence

Other Resources

Helping Hand - Volunteer initiative connecting people who need help with people who can help
Meat the Need - New Zealand's Farmers, Feeding New Zealand's Families - minced meat direct from farmers donated to those needing food supplies after losing jobs.

Donate Your Items or Money

Volunteer Opportunities/How to Help

Volunteering New Zealand - Information Page

Other Covid-19 Directories